Is your vision set for the future?

The speed at which technology is evolving has never been faster. Distinguishing between hype and substance has never been harder. At Merkatus, we connect corporations competing to build, maintain, and expand competitive advantage, with the most relevant and impactful strategies and technology partners for their growth.


Adapting your company to the new digital commerce economy requires cultural changes internally, and we help with every step of the way.  Connect with the proper resources to keep you on the path to success.


Start using your data as the new currency to enable transformational initiatives in your organization. Leverage the data you already have at your disposal, using the right tools at our disposal, and you can be equipped to plan for flexibility in your future business strategy.

The Merkatus Value

We are not your traditional consulting suits. We bring in the best expertise from the global marketplace to solve your specific issues. Chart the future based on the unique combination of our experiences, network and deep understanding of your technology. Our team will make your strategy relevant and remove unnecessary elements.

What we offer

  • Value Innovation LabImpact driven extension to your corporate innovation programs through Innovation Audit Programs, External Innovation Partnerships and effecting organizational readiness

  • Strategic partnership engagements for global expansion

  • Strategic M&A Buy-Side Engagements